Many of us might think of Washington DC as a city with all the action happening as a political capital of USA. For us, this city was a dream! Yes, this city has and will stay close to our hearts – as our first workplaces and the cool and calm vibes it engulfs you in. The US capital has impressed me in many ways; whether its the historic street, or the green stretches of gardens, or the sudden twist in weather.


The ever peaceful Lincoln Memorial

Peace in History…

The city is known for it’s historical monuments, and that is not a news to anyone who has been to Washington DC. But the best monument to visit is the Lincoln Memorial. There’s something very special about it – the white washed memorial of Abe Lincoln feels real and if you happen to visit it in the moonlit night, it has an amazing aura! Plan to go around the sunset and watch the reflections in the lake opposite the memorial. Other monuments are an easy walk through the lush green gardens of this area.

Kuikawa Fun Fact

Ensure that you carry a good camera for night shots. Trust me, if you don’t have one, your red eyes in the picture will make you look like a hungry panther 😛

You’ll need to spend the whole day in this area and the National Mall (which is by the way not a ‘shopping mall’ but just the strip which has all the historic monuments)… and if your legs give up from walking, there’s always the DC Metro for your rescue!


The path to serenity!

If you love the drive!

Yes, listen to your heart if you love hitting the road! This city state can surprise you with the scenic views it offers. The drive between DC and Penn State can be absolutely pleasing. If you’re visiting in June/July months, the greenery around will make you feel like the road should never end. And if you’re there in September, the oranges of the fall will be a treat to your eyes. We chose to drive to Penn State, but you can surely choose driving a shorter distance to Baltimore or Maryland.

Kuikawa Travel Tip

Rent a car with a big fuel tank capacity and also make sure that you are all leveled up on the gas. Some routes go by the countryside and can have long patches with no gas station.

The charming Georgetown is a very close drive from Washington DC. If you enjoy walking, you can choose to walk down. The little houses look straight out of a Disney story and definitely a walk in this town is more favorable than a drive. Don’t forget to try some chic frozen yogurt places too.

I’m sure you now believe that DC is more than politics, work, and museums. It’s much more… and we feel it’s not just a city, it’s an expression! 🙂


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