Have you ever mentioned to someone about you making travel plans for Bangkok with your family or better-half and got those raised eyebrows? I have always come across this reaction of “Uh huh… going to Bangkok!” and wondered what’s going on… until I went there to experience the jazzy city; and no we didn’t have one of those stereotyped ‘nightlife’ experiences.

Cruising on Chao Phraya River
Cruising on Chao Phraya River

Can’t get enough of cruising…

In our short 3-day trip to this capital city of Thailand, we called ibis Bangkok Riverside our home and it offered us every little comfort that we were looking for. The hotel is located by the Chao Phraya river and hence the name. As the river views enchanted us, we couldn’t stop ourselves from going for a cruise! You get to see different kinds of boats on the river. The wooden long-tail boat called Ruea Hang Yao is used for fishing and small transportation. For cruising, they use a smaller version of this wooden boat which has a canvas and wooden roof to protect you from sun and rain. We hired a private boat which was navigated by a charming Thai lady tour guide. This 1.5 hour-ride allowed us to explore riverside houses of Bangkok (majorly owned by farmers or fisherman), temples like Wat Arun, hotels serving fresh river seafood, and the buzzing markets.

Kuikawa Fun Fact: 

In the Thai speech, the letter ‘R’ is pronounced and sounds like ‘L’. So if your navigator asked you to look for ‘Wat Aloon’ he/she actually is pointing out to ‘Wat Arun’ – the temple of Sun 🙂

Inviting peace in your life!

Breaking away from the so-called ‘rituals’ of partying in Bangkok, we headed to the many temples of this peace-loving city. Thailand has six first-class royal grade category temples, which means they are the religiously ‘most important’ temples in the country. Wat Pho‘ (Wat in Thai means temple) tops this list… and rightly so, we ended up spending almost over half a day here!

Peaceful reclining Buddha shrine
Peaceful reclining Buddha shrine

The whole area of the temple seems indulged in tranquility and you just feel calm when you walk around the premises. This is the place where you will find the larger than life, golden, reclining Buddha shrine. A part of the temple premise also houses a school of Thai medicine and massage. Now do we need to say that this IS THE BEST place to get a massage!?

Kuikawa Travel Tip: 

Don’t even dream of littering in the temple premises even by mistake! The fines for making the religious places as well as the city surroundings untidy are extremely high 😐

We definitely think that these experiences will make you believe that there is more to Bangkok than partying, nightlife, and shopping.. ain’t it? Why not make your next Bangkok trip a peaceful laid-back family vacation! Let us know what you think… till then Laa gon na‘ (goodbye in Thai) from the delightful city of Bangkok 🙂


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