Staying in the only city in the world which has 72 different nationalities has its benefits. We always had heard from most of our colleagues and friends in Dubai, who have visited Bali, to be a blissful place. So, in the June of 2017 we decided to head to this lovely country.


The ever yummy Nasi Goreng!

The Ease of Getting In!

Being an Indian passport holder has its benefits which however, not many of my fellow brothers and sisters are aware of. I mean we have got visa on arrival facility to more than 49 countries which is a hefty 25% of the world countries; of which, one is Indonesia. On top of that being a resident of UAE adds icing on the 🍰😎.

Kuikawa Fun Fact

Don’t panic if you are not able to find your driver at the airport pick up area. He might just be chilling out on his mobile probably playing candy crush saga 😛

Our first pit stop was the luxurious Sthala hotel in Ubud. We were welcomed by the aroma of wet mud and few drops still drizzling every now and then. It felt as if we had missed the rains for a while living in the desert! What’s the first thing you do here when you arrive late in night? Yes… without any hesitation order Nasi Goreng. Slurp, slurp… it took us just 10 minutes to finish the tasty late night craving 🙂


Respect to the monkey clan of Ginyar forest

Tinsel Town of Ubud

The hotels here usually have some activities planned out for tourists. We opted for the Kite Flying session. Though we couldn’t fly the kite, it was a fun stress buster. Next we headed to the Ubud market place where we wandered into the famous Monkey Forest. The monkeys here really rule the forests of Ginyar! Once you’re done dodging these monkeys, don’t forget to treat yourself to a Balinese massage available at approx. 10 US$ (now beat that price city dwellers 😂). Also, a nice lunch in one of the local Warun (restaurant) is totally worth it! And once you have fueled up yourself, get into a retail therapy by shopping for some traditional Batik sarongs.

Kuikawa Travel Tip 

Sharpen your bargaining skills for Bali street shopping. They believe in good luck. So, if you want to bet your price as final, use the magic word “for good luck” and be assured that’s the final deal!

One thing you’ll notice in Bali is that people on this island are very calm and patient. They believe in the peace teachings of their religion and culture, and you are sure to sense this serenity in the air throughout the island! 

I will surely not do justice to a blog on Bali by just this much… so, I will be back with part 2 of this blog in the coming weeks. Till then enjoy reading our stories…. 🙂

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